Join the Team...

Team Wass Coaching has a range of different options to suit every runner from beginner to gazelle....

It doesn't matter how fast or how far you go everyone can enjoy running. 

Bespoke Running plans

1-1 training plans that fit around your life, we would all love to be able to train like Mo Farah but he has a whole team around him from chefs to massage therapists and running is his job.

 Rebecca takes into account your job, your social life and adapts training to fit.  She will also look at what you enjoy, added in elements of cross training and strength and conditioning which are often forgotten about. 

Nutritional Support

We all know what we should eat or do we? Rebecca will assess your current lifestyle and eating habits alongside what you would like to achieve, whether that is getting stronger and fitter, knowing how to eat for long distance events or just knowing why you have that mid afternoon dip and reach for the coffee pot.  Rebecca does not advocate any slimming products preferring to slightly adapt your eating habits to make improvements. 

Run analysis & technique

How many of us know how to run efficiently? Have you ever looked at your race photographs and seen a wonky leg, or you're sinking into your hips as you cross that finish line.  

Rebecca will assess your run technique and create a plan for you to take away that will include specific run drills and strength exercises to help you run tall.  


Dedicated to improving the health and well-being of others through fitness. Rebecca started running later in life to raise money for charity. As a complete newbie, aged 34, she started by running from lamppost to lamppost, she threw up at the end of her first parkrun and completed her first 10K 6 weeks later at the back of the pack. That first medal felt like an amazing achievement especially as she was diagnosed at 17 with Fibromyalgia. 

She continued to run to raise money for MS society and then went on to complete her first marathon dressed as a unicorn. 

Noticing a gap for 'value for money' runners who wanted a long run Sunday, she qualified as a Run Leader to be able to lead longer and sociable runs, one participant went on to complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks. 

Rebecca introduced a running group at a homeless shelter she worked in, she also set up GoodGym in Warwick & Leamington Spa and 5K Your Way for those that have been touched by cancer.   Since relocating Rebecca convinced some amazing people to join forces to launch 5K Your Way in Plymouth. 

Rebecca can often be found marshalling at local races with her blue tooth speaker, wearing her tutu and big bow to cheer the athletes on.

Rebecca is always up-skilling and has just completed several courses in disability sports. She can always been seen at races in some form of fancy dress and even attended park run on her wedding day. 

 Personal Sporting Achievements

  • Outlaw Full Series finisher - only female to do all four Half Ironman distance races and the Full Ironman Distance in 2021 
  • Long Course Weekend - Wales and Mallorca
  • Pedders Way Ultra Marathon (48 miles)
  • Snowdonia Marathon
  • Fritton Triple Triathlon X 2
  • World Record for the longest tea round whilst cycling solo from Lands End to John O Groats 
  • Lakesman in Lockdown (Full ironman bike & Marathon)
  • Cycled 130 miles, and 4000ft of climbing on a Turbo
  • Shepton Mallet Prison 1/2 Marathon including 5600 steps.
  • Dartmoor Prison Escape Ultra
  • 15 Marathons
  • 40 half marathons
  • 8 half Ironman distance races


  • UK Athletics Coaching in Running Fitness
  • UK Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • British Triathlon Coach Level 1
  • Swim England Swim Assistant
  • Gym Instructor
  • PTTL's
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Physical Preparation for Runners workshop
  • Endurance: Self Myofascial Release for Endurance
  • Endurance: RED's and Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
  • Paralympics - Frame Running
  • Supporting Amputees to learn to run
  • Running with Parkinsons
  • Wheelchair Racing & Athletics